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Finding products, services and people for your small business can take up much time. So knowing what other small businesses use successfully lets a person see if it will work for them. Here are the trends other small business owners created.

Small Business Trends To Stay Up-to-Date On

  1. Security – As the Internet of Things marches on new security risks arise with our IoT products. The technology that helps us lock doors remotely, turn on the lights or appliance,s and keep us company does not have enough security protocol. Buy IoT products that have voluntarily enhanced security at the systems-engineering level. Call and ask.


  1. Cloud-based storage services – IDC’s State of the CMB Cloud survey found 70% of small business use cloud based storage services. Top cloud services list as online backup and recovery, web hosting, and email hosting.


  1. Mobile payment apps – Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay have been rising as the method consumers make payment with their phones.


  1. Visual collaboration tools – such as Skype, Google Hangouts and now this year Microsoft Teams allow use of freelancers, access to additional clients, and teams to work chat with documents.


  1. Chatbots – seems to be an early stage trend. Small businesses for customer service have begun experimenting with it. Chatbots are the little windows or apps that pop up which carry on a conversation to answer a question or give information. Often found on mobile phones it has been used to locate businesses, give feedback, and give shipping information in a pleasant conversational way.

Take Action!

Find some time and do a search. See if another small business out there with a similar process, product or protocol uses one of those trends. Early adopters of a successful technology often gain the most of it and sometimes profit from it. At the least a small business owner can add to the knowledge base of what works and what does not in technology.

Marketing in a Modern World: What You Need To Know



Technology and Marketing

No matter what business you are in, technology helps you to both produce products and/or provide services and market those to your customers. From the production line with automatic fabricating in so many areas to the Internet for moving them out of your site and to your client’s facilities. Business, technology, and marketing coming together is a beautiful choreography that simply makes it easier, faster and simpler in many ways.

The brick and mortar store of your father and grandfather has given way, in large part, to a website on the Internet. You can showcase all of the products you wish to offer, in full color, and have all of the information anyone would want to have about it, right there on the page. Not only that, you are ‘open’ 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Something that was not really possible 20 years ago.

Rapid Advancement

Going back to the manufacturing end of things, you can have a truly automatic assembly line. The smaller items you may produce can be put together for you while you handle other things, often in another room. The provision of services to your clients, such as accounting, consulting or management of an entire host of things can also be accomplished without either side of the transaction leaving your respective offices.

Website Marketing

Not only that but you can offer so much more than you had in the past. Since your presence on the World Wide Web is helping you gain clients and assisting in helping them do what they do, you are also in the position of helping them gain more business on the same Internet. The construction of a website can be likened to the building of a display case or store. You can help them by learning the things necessary to build the website that you use for all of this, but also for building websites for those customers you have.

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