Trends For Small Business in 2017










Finding products, services and people for your small business can take up much time. So knowing what other small businesses use successfully lets a person see if it will work for them. Here are the trends other small business owners created.

Small Business Trends To Stay Up-to-Date On

  1. Security – As the Internet of Things marches on new security risks arise with our IoT products. The technology that helps us lock doors remotely, turn on the lights or appliance,s and keep us company does not have enough security protocol. Buy IoT products that have voluntarily enhanced security at the systems-engineering level. Call and ask.


  1. Cloud-based storage services – IDC’s State of the CMB Cloud survey found 70% of small business use cloud based storage services. Top cloud services list as online backup and recovery, web hosting, and email hosting.


  1. Mobile payment apps – Android Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay have been rising as the method consumers make payment with their phones.


  1. Visual collaboration tools – such as Skype, Google Hangouts and now this year Microsoft Teams allow use of freelancers, access to additional clients, and teams to work chat with documents.


  1. Chatbots – seems to be an early stage trend. Small businesses for customer service have begun experimenting with it. Chatbots are the little windows or apps that pop up which carry on a conversation to answer a question or give information. Often found on mobile phones it has been used to locate businesses, give feedback, and give shipping information in a pleasant conversational way.

Take Action!

Find some time and do a search. See if another small business out there with a similar process, product or protocol uses one of those trends. Early adopters of a successful technology often gain the most of it and sometimes profit from it. At the least a small business owner can add to the knowledge base of what works and what does not in technology.

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